A Few ( i mean a ton ) Pics of the Fishies!!

Sep 3, 2015
american / nv
pleco suckin on the glass.jpg
Our beautiful prince Sailfin Pleco!! He's very shy / skittish when it comes to people! You can sit across the room and if he notices you talking about or staring at him he'll run for cover. ( One time I was sitting across the room watching him and all I whispered was "Beautiful babyyy.. Sucky fish~" he glanced over and RAN! haha ) We're trying to get him more comfortable to us in hopes to one day hand feed him. ( HE LOVES CUCUMBERS but he'll only eat the centers? )
pleco moss ball.jpg
This big dummy is so entertaining to watch. He loves the moss ball in the tank! He'll push it around like he's playing soccer and uses it for cover to hide.
pleco growin up.jpg
LOOK AT HOW TINY HE USE TO BE!!!! Seems crazy.. and he's grown since the compared picture too...

big momma.jpg
BEAUTIFUL BIG MOMMA BICHIR ( we got her the same time as the pleco ) I absolutely adore her! She's so tough and isn't scared of anyone or anything!! She'll swim right up to the glass and stare you down then zoom off and thrash around to show just how tough she is!
big baby.jpg
I think she's grown to like me quite a lot ( I think she came to realize I feed her haha ) I even find her waiting for me when I get home from work and she'll follow my fingers / movements.

striped catfish.jpg
*x-files music plays in the distance*
We got him later on. He's fearless ( I would be too if I was as sharp as he is! ) He normally tucks himself into a crook and snoozes but man.. when he's up he zooms around the tank like a little ufo or jet fighter. Strangely he's a complete cuddle bug with the other fish and very vocal! ( I swear yesterday he cried when the pleco stopped sleepy cuddling with him haha ) He's known to gorge on snails ( suck 'em right out of the shells ) until his belly is bloated. Thankfully his belly goes down within a day or two.

And not pictured we also have a Pictus Catfish.
He's such a shiny silver with beautiful markings, but he's the ultimate baby.. Scared of his own shadow so I can never get a decent picture if him. ( we got him at the same time as the striped )

jealous babies.jpg
( she just loves being the center of attention )






I'm sorry for the spam I just really love my fish!!!! They're all so different and wonderful I just wanna share them with everyone!

Sep 3, 2015
american / nv
The tank itself isn't anything special, but this is what it looks like :
tank 40 -50 gal.jpg
tank 40 -50 gal w me.jpg
We're switching tanks soon from a 40-50gal to a 120-180gal aka it's messy around the tank ( and the room itself ) so I tried to crop all that junk out.
Here's a pic of the tank we're transferring them to!
tank 120-180.jpg
Since the 120gal obviously can't be supported on that dresser my boyfriend is actually hand making a stand for the new tank! I'm really proud of him it's coming out really nicely! Here's what the stand looks like :
tank stand.jpg
It's made out of pine ( 4x4s, 2x4s, and 2x10s ). It was really late when we took this picture so the quality isn't so great. It looks much nicer the day time, but you get the general idea. We considered making it look like a treasure chest but at this point we're just ready to get that huge tank out of the dang doorway!! So we might end up just cleaning it up a little more and using it as.
tank stand top view.jpg
Here's a view of the top of the stand! The wood is stained dark walnut color, but we still need to varnish it.