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    Pleco identification please

    Please help me identify my Plecostomus fish
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    Help please??

    30 Gallon Tank What do y'all think? 5Sterba Cory Catfish 6Black Phantom Tetra 2Angelfish 1Bristlenose Pleco 2Kuhli Loach
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    Pleco identification

    My husband purchased these pleco, and I've been trying to figure out what species they are. I know that some pleco can grow fairly large, and I want to make sure they won't outgrow their tank. Can anyone help me identify them?
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    stupid pleco died

    I very had a 13g tank for a while now with one guppy, one platy, andone molly in it. I bought a pleco from the store that was supposed to grow only four inches, which I read online is totally false and usually grow bigger. I bought algae wafers as well for him. When I took the pleco home, he...