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  • Hi Lotus! I have came across one of your earlier replied comment saying that "
    Nitrite should be converted to nitrate in a cycled tank, so you shouldn't normally see any nitrite", is that really true? I am cycling my tank now, and the nitrite is always at 0 even there's a drop in ammonia and increase in nitrate. Please advise, thanks! :)
    According to Vaastu/Feng Sui are we supposed to keep 9 Gold Fish and 1 Black Fish or 8 Gold Fish and 1 Black Fish?
    Last month I got bigger tank 37 g. I have 6 fishes 5 gold and 1 black.
    according to Vaastu/Feng Sui I have to put 9 total.
    I don't know how big the tank can I get to put all 9.
    I do keep tank clean and change the water once a wk.
    its have been 3wks now.
    Best Regards
    i wonder what visitors are thinking. as you can see by my bio. i may have something to offer they just dont like the way i present it. bottom line ...are they good for your site???
    pleas read mackattack fish id ... for your info... disapering fish ....i posted that one for fun 3 or 4 people want me baned.. ive ben around a while check my bio..
    you look active in the fish disease forum, can you take a look at my girl beta? Subject "blahblahblah.......and what do i do?" user name JackieD There are more pictures of her in the betafish forum too. I just started a photo thread
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