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  • Lauraf, one of my Uarus has a bad blister on his lower lip, looks like an infected injury, he's has been chased by the bigger Uaru and hit the glass to hard (I think), best way to describe is very swollen lower lip with two open sores on top where his lips would meet when his mouth closes. He is now in QT all fresh water I added salt and maracyn plus, is there a better treatment, please advise I don't want to loose this fish. Thanks in advance Dave.
    I am a newbie here and to the fish world - I am concerned about my pregnant fish - can you answer some questions for me???
    Yup, sure do. I used to vacation with family friends on Savary Island.
    No worries, I am new to this site too just joined about a week or so ago. I don't live in vancouver though (barely anyone on this site is from canada anyways, so I just put vancouver to make it easier), but pretty close. Do you know where powell river is?? It's on the sunshine coast, anywho message me back. :)
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