High Capacity Acrylic Sump Filter System from ThatFishPlace


If you’re in the market for a sump, take a look at an actual sump filter system from Marineland.

– Ideal for marine, freshwater, and reef system
– Easy front access media trays
– Patented High Capacity Bio-Wheel
– Unique flow design minimizes air bubbles
– Supports 55-265 gallon aquariums
– Plenty of room for protein skimmers and other equipment.

The Marineland High-capacity acrylic sump filter systems are ideal for saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Designed for large tank filtration, these sleek acrylic sumps feature commercial-sized Bio-Wheels and front access media trays for complete filtration you can customize to your needs. These filters also feature dedicated compartments for a protein skimmer and refugium. These sumps are available in four capacities for tanks from 55 – 265 gallons.

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