Green Leaf Aquarium Rimless Aquariums


If you’re in the market for a new tank, then you’ll have to check out the Green Leaf Aquarium new line of rimless tanks! If you’re a fan of planted tanks such as Takashi Amano planted tanks, you HAVE to at least consider a rimless tank for that clean look. The prices for these tank range from $75 to $359 dollars depending on tank size. Currently they’re offering tank sizes from 11 gallon to 48 gallons.

Designed with simplicity, clarity, and strength, the Green Leaf rimless aquarium features high clarity glass with 5 to 10mm thick glass panel foundations for increased strength. The rimless aquariums are manufactured with a specially formulated German-made silicone that bonds glass together with extreme strength and clarity.

My favorite tank size they have is 91-B which is a simple 12 gallon tank but the dimensions are unique. Here’s a picture of it.

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