About MyFishTank.Net

Hello! Welcome to MyFishTank.Net!

MyFishTank.Net was started in 2000 after I graduated from school and was working at a company. I had just started getting into the fish hobby (was always interested in fish/aquatic stuff) but never had a chance to really set up a tank until now. So I set up my first tank (30 gallon freshwater tank).

I originally set this site up as a place just for me to post pictures and write a small journal about my fish tank. While looking for fish information, I kept on finding the same encyclopedia definitions but what I really wanted was a site where I could read about people’s real experience with them. Hence, MyFishTank.Net was re-invented into what it is today.

Fast forward years later, a thriving and growing fish community site has been established with the help of every member who have become part of the MFT family here. If you have a fish-related question or if you want to be a part of a great online community, then take a few seconds and join our forum.

History Of MyFishTank.Net

The original MFT. Circa 2001-2002
  Circa 2002-2003
Circa 2004-2005  
Circa 2006

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