Diet For Your Fish with NutriDiet Food

We don’t eat the same thing everyday otherwise it would get really boring and depending on what we were eating, it would be really bad if we happened to be eating fast food everyday. But how about our fishes? How many of us are guilty of feeding them the same food over and over again…every single day?

I feed my fish mostly flake food for most of the week and once or twice a week, I’ll add a frozen cube of mysis shrimp for them. In my opinion, mysis shrimp is a bit more healthier and nutritional for them than brine shrimp (unless it’s live brine shrimp). I’ve tried buying live brine shrimp from my LFS but eventually it got a bit messy because you need to keep them in the fridge and it got a bit too much work. So frozen cubes work for me. They also get a treat here and there when I feed my anemone shrimp. So I think overall I give them a good variety of diet.

But is it healthy?

Enter in Seachem’s new NutriDiet food.


NutriDiet™ Naturals are the ideal solution for feeding a natural diet to fresh and saltwater fish. They are perfect for the aquarist seeking variety or an alternative to pelleted foods. Studies have shown that shrimp and mealworms can be used to condition a variety of fish for breeding. The unique packaging process of NutriDiet™ Naturals locks in moisture and nutrients making them more palatable and more nutritious than freeze-dried foods.

So now when I diet, my fish can diet with me. We can be healthy together. I think I might give the NutriDiet food a try and see how my fishes like them. Sometimes they are a bit picky on what they want to eat.

They cost about $3.49 for the mealworm and $3.99 for the shrimp at Dr.Fosters & Smith.

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Panther28 April 27, 2007 at 6:12 pm

I feed mine only mysis. They seem to love it!!

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