Extreme Aquarium Package

If you’re looking in starting a saltwater fishtank, our sponsor ThatFishPlace.com has an Extreme Aquarium Package you might be interested in.

Max Tank 34 Gallon Kit – Black

Science has finally given us the first truly plug & play reef aquarium system. This completely integrated device is virtually overflowing with amazing features. Complete MAX lighting hood system includes twin 55-watt T5 power compact bulbs for providing 10,000K & Actinic lighting. Also includes blue LED moonlights for late night viewing. Internal ballast and fan cooling system make operation simple. The MAX accessibility is at a premium with an easy maintenance protein skimmer, complete integrated 3-stage filtration, circulation pumps, heater, expandable areas for adding chillers and other equipment, full width front opening and a fold back cover to hold food and testing supplies, and an amazing rising system designed to secure the hood at an angle for easy reefscaping and maintenance. MAX control is easy with a 24-hour lighting timer, a control center for every electrical component, and five individually switched power outlets with splash cover for all aquarium components. Operates with a single power cord. Just add coral! 34 gallons. 24″x19.7″x19.7″

Extremely sturdy MAX cabinet stand is designed to withstand the weight of your MAX aquarium, as well as provide a supply cabinet for supplies and potential tank add-ons. Durable, heavyweight stand is constructed for longterm usage, but can be assembled quickly and easily. Stylish design is the perfect compliment to your MAX Aquarium. Stand dimensions are 24.8″x6.7″x26″

The MAX Tank also includes the MAX Tank Starter Kit. This handy kit includes everything you need to get started, including:

* 55 gallons of Coral Pro Salt
* 22 lbs. of reef base
* Hydrometer
* NitroBac Bio Starter
* Marine Lab Master Test Kit
* Calcium Pro Test Kit
* 100 mL Calcium Plus
* Buff pH and Alkalinity Stabilizer
* Calcium Trace Supplement
* Sample of MarineGro Food

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