Best & Worst Beginner Mistakes Contest

Hello everyone! One of our sponsors ( has set up a contest for you to win a gift certificate from them for posting either the best or worst mistake you’ve evern made so far in keeping your aquarium.

Contest: Best/Worst Beginner Mistakes
Dates: 2/20/08-3/5/08
Post entries in this thread – one per person please (although if you can find a way to combine stories in one entry, that’s fine by me)
Prizes: First place – $75 gift certificate; Second place – $50 gift certificate; Third place – $25 gift certificate.
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It’s contest time again! This time, we’ve upped the stakes.

I want your best (or worst, as the case may be) stories about mistakes you’ve made in your time as a hobbyist. Don’t be embarrassed – everyone has a story! I was actually inspired to run this contest based on another thread on this forum where some of you voluntarily shared such experiences, so I know you’ve got em.

And I’m willing to shell out for them too – $75 gift certificate to the first place submission, $50 for second place, and $25 for third place – so now’s your chance to turn those early mistakes into sweet rewards. The caveat with this contest is that I want to publish our favorite submissions in a section on – so that fellow beginners can take some solace in the fact that they are not alone and that stumbling along the way shouldn’t discourage anyone from learning more and succeeding in the end.

I will use whatever name you wish – forum name, real name, pen name – but I ask that you submit only if you are willing to have your dirty laundry aired on our site!! Hopefully, in the spirit of fun, camaraderie and big prizes, you’ll indulge me.


Everyone HAS to have a story so share it here and win a free gift certificate.

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