Chestnut Cowrie

The Chestnut Cowrie is also referred to as a Porcelain Snail. It is egg-shaped, and most species are glossy, with a smooth surface. The opening in the shell has "teeth," which provides protection from predators. The mantle extends through this opening and completely covers the shell unless the snail feels threatened. C. talpa generally has three light crossbands on a darker shell, and is called the Map Cowry.
The Chestnut Cowrie does well in captivity if provided with ample hiding places and sufficient room. It is a nocturnal creature by nature; during the day it is found under rocks or resting on soft corals, and at night it forages for food. An aquarium with live rock provides a good environment where it can graze on algae and diatoms growing there. Although mainly herbivorous, when it becomes larger, it may try and feed on sponges and soft corals. If there is insufficient algae, its diet should be supplemented with dried seaweed, tablets, and flaked foods that are eaten off of the bottom.

It is extremely difficult to breed in captivity, and has no distinguishing characteristics to help differentiate it from its mate. It is very sensitive to high levels of copper-based medications and is rather intolerant of higher nitrate levels.

Quick Stats:
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Compatible: With Caution
Water Conditions: 72-78° F, sg 1.023-1.025, pH 8.1-8.4, dKH 8-12
Color Form: Orange, Tan, White
Diet: Herbivore, Omnivore
Origin: Indo-Pacific
Family: Cypraeidae

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