Most rays that are available for the home aquarium are found on or around coral reefs, rocky reefs, or lagoons. In captivity, vitamin-enriched frozen squid, live ghost shrimp, and other meaty foods should be offered. A large, rounded aquarium (over 100 gallons), sandy substrate, and optimum water conditions are important factors when maintaining Rays.

 Thumbnail Fiddler Stingray
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The Fiddler Stingray originates from the Coral Sea, and is brown in coloration with geometric black or dark brown markings. This is a very beautiful stingray that is not overly... [Read more]

 Thumbnail Round Stingray
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The Round Stingray is also known as the California Stingray. It is a bottom dwelling fish, with a brown body and yellow spots. The tail spine is venomous, but is only used for... [Read more]