Hogfish feed on small fish, shellfish, and crustaceans, and make very hardy aquarium dwellers that adapt well to captivity. Provide Hogfish with a well-sealed lid, ample hiding places, and plenty of swimming room. These fish grow quickly (up to seven inches), and require a large aquarium for long-term success.

 Thumbnail Coral Hogfish
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The Coral Hogfish, also known as Eclipse Hogfish or Mesothorax Hogfish, has a burgundy face with a rosy-yellow posterior, separated by a black stripe. It is a beneficial fish for... [Read more]

 Thumbnail Red Diana Hogfish
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The Red Diana Hogfish, also known as Diana Hogfish, Diana's Hogfish, or the Spotted Hogfish, is a reddish-orange color with white spots on the back along the dorsal fin. A 50 gallon... [Read more]

 Thumbnail Spanish Hogfish
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The Spanish Hogfish has a patch of blue highlight on the golden-yellow body across the back with violet scale margins. It is a beneficial fish for a 50 gallon or larger reef tank... [Read more]