Yasha White Ray Shrimp Goby


The Yasha White Ray Shrimp Goby is a hard to find goby in the hobby. It's a striking colored goby that has a red and white body and a black spot under the jawline. It has bright yellow fins that makes it very attractive to hobbyist. Like other gobies, it's able to form a symbiotic relationship with a pistol shrimp. How this relationship works is that the pistol shrimp can watch out for danger and the shrimp can dig a hole for them to share.

This shrimp goby is best suited in at least a 30 gallon tank with lots of hiding spaces. Even though it's hard to find, it'e pretty easy to take care of. It's also reef safe. You can feed it a diet of frozen mysis shrimps and brine shrimps too.

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Gobie Lover November 9, 2011 at 6:51 pm

these are awesome to keep if you can find them. might be a bit expensive. they do hide a lot and can be hard to locate if you have a large tank. great if you pair it up with a pistol shrimp.

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