Marie Digby

So in a non-related news, I came across this new artist that I thought I’d share here. Her name is Marie Digby (pronounced Mar-ee-ay) and I guess you have to be in the southern california area to have heard about her (so that means everyone outside of southern california, when you start hearing her name you can tell your friends – “yea..i heard about her months ago”). She’s getting current playtime on Star 98.7FM (yes..i listen to Star) and I guess she’s one of those aspiring artist that posted her videos on YouTube and got popular.

I did a quick background check (just to make sure she’s single i mean…i was just curious on what her background was like) and she attended UC Berkeley (boo!) as a philosophy major and started getting famous when she was found by the DJ’s at Star 98.7FM as a “Star Fresh Face Artist”. If you look at the first video, she didn’t even know her music was getting airtime cause she was in a different country! That’s like winning the lottery and not even knowing you won. I think. Her album comes out in September 2007.

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