Kobayashi Sore Jaw


The Ultimate Hot Dog Eater for the past 6 years has come down with a case of the sore jaw. This really sucks as it’s almost time for the annual coney island hot dog eating contest!

Did anyone ever watch the MTV show “True Life” when they followed the lives of competitive eaters? There was one segment of Kobayashi where he says that after the contest, the hot dog smell would permeate through his skin making him smell like a hot dog for a week. crazy!

Earlier in the year, Joey Chestnut destroyed Kobayashi’s record of 54 hotdogs by eating 59 1/2 hotdogs! So I was actually somewhat looking forward to seeing both of them compete against each other. that would’ve been some entertainment there. but it doesn’t seem like it cause he’s reporting opening his jaw by a fingernail width causes him pain.

i wonder how many hot dogs i could eat. i think i did 3 one time. how about you?

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Grumpy_Marine June 26, 2007 at 12:17 am

I once ate 10 in one dinner, but my record is 25 full size marshmellows stuffed into my mouth at once, we played this game as kids growing up…lol

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