Look At Those Gas Prices

that made me laugh..and then cry. So I wanted to share….How are gas prices in your area? I was driving to a wedding and premium gas was $4.99. That was a week ago. It’s probably more now. My area is $4.89 for premium. you read that gas prices are forcing people to cut back on alot of spending on misc items. I’ve found myself actually cutting back on my fish keeping. I don’t make weekly trips to my fish store and I find myself bypassing things I would usually buy in a heartbeat. For example, red yuma ricordeas are hard to find and I’d pay an arm and a leg to get one. But the other week, my LFS had 2-3 of them and I didn’t buy any.

So have you found gas prices in your area making you cut down on your fish keeping purchases?

Since we’re also talking about gas, here are some cool gas sites.

CompareMyMPG: You pick your car and then another car and you can see how the gas mileage compares to each other. [more…]

SaveOnGasEasy: You supposely add this additive to your car and you can recoup 90cents to the gallon on the car. now this is something I might consider. [more…]

Half Water Half Gas: And if you are really desperate, you can try this method. Water To Gas. [more..]

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drumminfish June 15, 2008 at 6:48 pm

I paid $3.89 for gas here a couple days ago. As for those gas additives, I would definitely recommend doing a lot of research on them before pouring them into your tank, just to make sure they aren’t snake oil.

Basically, if all it cost to triple your MPG was $67 and a quart sized mason jar (from the third link, half water half gas) it would be on every news station, the guy would have a Nobel prize and that would be in every hybrid car.

Kissyboots June 22, 2008 at 5:36 pm

3.99 here in Phx

Some tricks I’ve heard to get it “cheaper,” not sure if they work though…

Fill up when it’s cold, you get more “gas per gallon” when the fluid is cold…
Don’t fill up all the way because it takes gas to drive gas around…

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