Fish Pen – As Seen On TV!

Coleman Fishpen is the amazing fishing pole that lets you fish anytime. This is quality fishing gear that performs! The complete system has been machine crafted using state of the art precision technology. The super strong telescoping composite rod extends to let you enjoy fishing when ever you feel like it. The casting reel has been engineered with brass finish, to perform reliably and conveniently. The Fishpen™ is a complete fishing system and has everything you need to start fishing. Included are a starter tackle kit with hooks, line, weights and bobbers; all in a convenient compartment container for easy organization. You’ll get all this in a handsome and convenient zippered pouch to hold the entire system

now for the video….

This is awesome! A fishing pole that is the size of a pen! haha. So this is one of those products you see on TV late at night. I swear I’ve seen them all, but this is a new one for me. So according to the website, you get this (plus a 2nd one free!) for only 2 payments of $19.99!

– telescoping rod
– reel with line
– 3 hooks
– 3 line weights
– practice casting weight
– carrying case
– tackle storage case

I never really tried any of the products that go “As Seen On TV!” Has anyone? How have your experiences been with stuff like that? Actually, has anyone ever used this? I would be interested to get a real testimonial on if this really works.

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