Alli Diet Drug Pill

Went to Target and saw an entire section devoted to this new pill that’s suppose to help people lose weight. Sounds easy? I decided to take a look.

What is Alli?
alli™ is the only FDA approved, over-the-counter weight loss product. The alli program includes alli capsules and myalliplan, an individually tailored, online action plan to help you lose weight gradually. What makes alli different? FDA approval and a sensible approach that focuses on your long-term success.

alli isn’t just another product for you to buy. alli is a pill with a plan. This program requires a commitment to living your life in a new way as you learn to change your eating and activity habits. alli is not for everyone, but alli is an option. If you are ready to take responsibility, alli and your hard work can help increase your weight loss by 50%. That means if you could lose 10 pounds with dieting alone, you could lose 15 pounds working with alli.

Already there is controversy regarding Alli. Some have deemed it dangerous for your health and for other reasons. Since it’s so new, we’ll see how it does later on as more people try it and we’ll see if it really works or not.

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