Radican Sword


The Radican Sword, also known as the Swordplant or the Creeping Burhead, is a Rosette plant that may grow to 20 inches in height. Its leaves are stemmed, and are a vibrant green in appearance. The Radican Sword may also produce long-stemmed, floating leaves. It is an amphibious plant and will grow either partially or fully submersed.
The Radican Sword should be housed in an aquarium large enough to accomodate its size. The floating leaves should be removed to prevent the shedding of submersed leaves on it, and to allow enough light to reach the other aquarium plants. For the best growth, fertilization must be provided.

The Radican Sword requires a water temperature of 72°-82°F, an alkalinity of 3-8 dKH and a pH of 6.5-7.5. For the best growth, provide at least 2 watts per gallon using full spectrum (5000-7000K) bulbs.

This plant propagates by adventitious plants on the peduncle, and occasionally, also by dropping seeds. For the most attractive landscape, plant the Radican Sword singly. They grow best in large, open aquariums.

Quick Stats:
Care Level: Moderate
Lighting: Moderate
Placement: Mid-ground
Water Conditions: 72-82° F, pH 6.5-7.5, KH 3-8
Propogation: Adventitious Plants, Seeds
Max. Size: 1' 8"
Color Form: Green
Supplements: High Quality Aquarium Fertilizer
Origin: Farm Raised, USA
Family: Alismataceae

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