White-Cap Clownfish Video – Amphiprion leucokranos


one of my prized fish that i’ve had for a few years now is the white-cap clownfish. They are very very hard to find (and if you found one let me know where!) and I’ve been searching for a mate for him/her for a long time now. There was a time where I actually had 5 of them but b/c my tank was not set up at that time (they were being temporarily housed). When my tank was ready, there was only 1 left (the rest were sold or given to my friend who was helping me hold them – long story short).

It’s a really really shy fish. It’s housed in it’s own 29 gallon tank that is plumbed to my 110 gallon tank. I gave it a rose anemone for it to host in and it rarely leaves it. If it does, it darts out to grab food and immediately back inside. Here’s a video of it.

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Panther28 May 22, 2007 at 1:08 pm

Awesome Video. I really love it how clowns host in an anemone. Its just freaking awesome. I definitely need to get an anemone once my 90 is fully running.

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