True Rummynose Tetra


The True Rummy-Nose Tetra gets its name from the red blushing across its nose and face. But its beautiful coloration does not end there. Hemigrammus bleheri has a mirror-like silver body and a jet-black tail striped with white. This color pattern adds a simple, yet striking beauty to any freshwater aquarium. The True Rummy-Nose Tetra is a peaceful omnivore that makes an excellent addition to community aquariums with non-aggressive tankmates.

Also known as the Banded Rummy-Nose Tetra, this fish native to South America thrives in well-planted systems. In addition to plants, decorate the aquarium with scattered rocks and driftwood to simulate its natural habitat. As with other shoaling fish, a school of six or more True Rummynose Tetras creates an impressive aquarium display. For best care, offer a variety of foods, including brine shrimp or daphnia, freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex, micro pellet food, and high quality flake diets.

The True Rummy-Nose Tetra will breed occasionally in the home aquarium and a hospital or "breeding tank" will be necessary to rear the fry. Slightly acidic water is best for optimal breeding conditions. After the eggs begin to hatch, removing the parents will be necessary to reduce the number of lost fry.

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Mercedes June 14, 2010 at 12:46 pm

With the tank I bought from someone it has full grown (3″-ish) rummies they are very vibrant and full of life. Their checkered tail’s black and white are so sharp and contrasting it seems unreal. They are sensitive but do not seem as sensitive as my Cardinals. These guys made it through the move of the tank and there are about 10-14 of them, maybe 1-3 died. They love the planted aquarium, I haven’t had my fish in a non-planted so don’t know how it’d manage that way. They school with my Cardinals and are just a delight in the tank.

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