Silver Tip Tetra


The Silver Tip Tetra is named for the shimmering white/silver tips of its fins. This sleek and agile member of the Characidae family creates a gorgeous and active shoal in nearly any freshwater aquarium. Though its body is mostly golden in color, the base of the tail has a black color that extends into the tail.

Native to the rivers and streams of South America, this community-minded, peaceful fish relishes ample hiding places amongst plants, rocks, and driftwood. The Silver Tip Tetra is ideal in community aquariums with other soft water fish of similar size and temperament. Since the Silver Tip Tetra is a schooling fish, keep Hasemania nana in groups of six or more.

The Silver Tip Tetra breeds occasionally in the home aquarium setting but a hospital or "breeding tank" will be necessary. During breeding, the female Silver Tip Tetra will display a fuller looking belly, which helps distinguish them from the males. Slightly acidic water is best for optimal breeding conditions. After the eggs begin to hatch, 12 to 15 hours after being laid, removing the parents will reduce the number of fry lost to predation.

The Silver Tip Tetra will accept many small foods such as brine shrimp or daphnia, freeze dried bloodworms and tubifex, micro pellet food, and a high quality flake food.

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MIKE January 29, 2010 at 2:28 pm


Michael July 17, 2010 at 9:53 am

I have had these fish for about a month now and they are stunning. However I have recently discovered bullying has begun. I have 6 small-medium sized Silver tipped tetras (1.25cm-2cm) in a moderately planted tank of 120L with a real Driftwood decoration and medium white rock. I believe that I will need to get either more tetras to cease the bullying or introduce a different species to help provoke bullying. Although they are a stunning, ecstatic and playful fish, bullying may be an issue so look out before you are buying any.

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