Green Fire Tetra


The Green Fire Tetra comes from the clear waters of South America. This species is a translucent green color with a black patch on the dorsal fin, and a red/orange underbelly. This species does best in small groups of at least six or more.

In at least a 10-gallon aquarium, plants, rocks, and some driftwood should be used to give this species hiding places and security. They require a steady slightly acidic pH and constant temperature. They are mid-level swimming fish so taller plants are ideal.

In the aquarium, the white tips on the dorsal, pelvic, and pectoral fins can identify the male. The female lays a relatively small number of eggs, which hatch in about 24 hours after fertilization. This can happen frequently in an aquarium when large numbers of Green Fire Tetras are present. To avoid losing the fry, a separate "breeding tank" should be used, and the adults removed after spawning to prevent them from eating there offspring.

The Green Fire Tetra will accept many small foods such as brine shrimp or daphnia, freeze dried bloodworms and tubifex, micro pellet food, and a high quality flake food.

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philip delgrosso March 16, 2011 at 12:51 pm

This delightful tetra comes as a surprise. I wanted some tetras to compliment my rummy nose. I saw some swimming in the stores aquarium and was not impressed. But they have a surprise! As mine have gotten older the males (I think) start to develop delicate bright white tipped underbelly fins and an irridesent green top also becomes more intense and glows as they get older. The red on the back fins and underbelly becomes deeper and more “firey” Very active in the aquarium and very nosey, they are always curious. They do not look like much when young in the store and often passed over unless you find some older ones which is rare. But be patient it will be worth it! The above stock photo does not do them justice at all. They blend well with other tetras and do not hassle anyone except feeding time they become obnoxious hogs like rummy nose. They love mostly blood worms daphnia, and brime shrimp, sometimes turning their nose up at flake food but will eat it when really hungry. Good water quality is a must same for rummy nose. Will school occasionally with rummy nose but its hit or miss with them depends on thier mood and curiosity.

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