Gold Tetra


The Gold Tetra is captive raised and originates from South America. These are small peaceful fish that have a rounded blunt appearance. The coloration of this fish is tan or gold, and is glittered with many gold flecks that reflect in the light. This is a good choice for the community aquarium.

Gold Tetras require an established planted aquarium of 10 gallons or more. They should be kept in schools of 8-10 and in an aquarium with other small, peaceful fish.

The Gold Tetras generally spawn on the undersides of broad-leaved plants. A breeding tank with shallow, warm, acidic, soft water with broad-leaved plants should be set up. The males of this species have hooklets and white edged fins. The females are smaller than the males, making identification easy. After spawning, remove the parents and keep the aquarium dark until the eggs hatch (after about 24 hours). Feed the fry infusoria.

An omnivore, Gold Tetras do well on a diet of prepared flake food, as well as freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex.

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