Madagascan Rainbow


The Madagascan Rainbow was identified in 1907 and is a member of the Silverside group. Rainbowfish are known for their characteristic large eyes, black or silver band that runs through the middle scale rows, deeply forked mouth, and two dorsal fins. The male Madagascans are brightly colored with their first dorsal fin coming to a point while the females are more yellow in color and have a deeper body.

This peaceful fish is a schooling fish that should be housed in a planted aquarium with plenty of room to swim as they are very active. Madagascan Rainbows do best with a gravel substrate and its colors may intensify with a dark colored gravel. When maintaining a school of these fish, an aquarium that is at least 4ft in length should be used.

An egg layer, Bedotia gaeyi spawn over fine-leaved plants. During courtship, the male will show his brightest colors. At a temperature of 75°F, the fry will hatch after six or seven days.

Although Madagascan Rainbows have large mouths, their throats tend to be narrow. With this in mind, foods should not be too large. The Madagascan Rainbow is an omnivore and should eat a mixed diet of flake foods, live foods, and algae.

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