Rio de Para Pleco (L-75)


The Rio de Para Pleco originates from the rivers and tributaries of Brazil, and is also known as the Para Pleco or by its Loricariidae number, L-75. It is a beautiful species that is cream to gold in color with many dramatic black polka dots. Its dorsal fin is large for its size and is outlined in black and adorned with the same black polka dot pattern.

A larger aquarium of at least 70 gallons is recommended to house the Rio de Para Pleco. It will get rather large in the aquarium, so provide plenty of room for it to move. Plants, rocks, and driftwood help mirror its natural environment and help give it a sense of security.

In the wild this fish is an egg layer, but breeding in an aquarium setting has not been successful.

A useful herbivore in an aquarium with algae, the Rio de Para Pleco will keep algae under control under normal tank conditions. If no algae is present, supplement its diet with dried algae sheets, algae wafers and other herbivore preparations.

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