Skunk Botia Loach


The body of the Skunk Botia Loach is pinkish in coloration, and like other Botia loaches it can be identified by the four pairs of barbels protruding from the mouth area. A black stripe runs from the nose back to the tail along the back of this fish, lending to its name, Skunk Botia. The Skunk Botia Loach is sometimes referred to as a scaleless fish they do infact have small scales that are embedded in there skin.

The Skunk Botia Loach is an active scavenger that is a semi-aggressive fish that enjoys the company of its own species, or other semi-aggressive fish. It will school with others of the same age and size. The skunk Botia Loach appreciates caves, holes, and other places to hide, especially when it sleeps. Because it originates from streams, it requires water currents in the aquarium.

The breeding habits of this species are not known, and successful captive breeding has yet to be recorded.

The skunk Botia Loach requires small amounts of food several times a day. Younger Loaches will eat most prepared foods while older ones may be more finicky. Feed them a varied diet of bloodworms, brine shrimp and a quality flake or pellet food.

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taebaker February 25, 2009 at 2:38 am

I purchased several Skunk Botia Loaches to help with a snail problem. They are very good at sucking snails out of their shells and while not eliminating the problem help to control it.
My brother in-law recently asked to borrow my 7w “submariner” U/V sterilizer which was in the tank with the Skunks. I took the U/V out placed it in the box and my brother in law did not put it in his tank until late the next evening. The next week he came over and pointed out one of the skunks in my tank and asked abruptly “what kind of fish is that !!? My wife told him it was a Skunk loach and he laughed and said there was one in his tank and he did not know where it came from. Sure enough…I was missing one.
This little guy survived out of water for almost 36 hours. Now that is one tough fish.
I figured if he wanted to move out that bad I would let him stay in the Brother-in-laws tank.

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