Marthae Silver Hatchet


The Marthae Silver Hatchet, also known as the Black-winged Hatchetfish, is among the more uniquely shaped species of fish. Hatchetfish have a slender body with a deep "belly" and pectoral fins that are set high on the body. Hatchetfish have upturned mouths characteristic of true surface dwellers.

Carnegiella marthae prefers a planted aquarium with a few floating plants. A schooling fish, the Marthae Hatchet is best kept in a group of six or more. A hood on the aquarium is necessary, as this fish likes to jump. Excellent water quality must be maintained to keep this fish at its best; they are extremely sensitive to water conditions.

Unfortunately, the Marthae Hatchet's breeding habits have not been documented.

A carnivore, the Marthae Hatchet will eat floating foods such as freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex, high quality flake food, mosquito larvae, small flies, and some other meaty live or frozen foods.

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