Flame Dwarf Gourami


This variety of Dwarf Gourami boasts beautiful vibrant blue colors that fade into vivid red. Like most Gouramis, males are more brilliantly colored than females. Regardless of sex, however, these beautiful fish create a splash of color in any home aquarium.

Peaceful, by nature, Gouramis are an excellent addition to any community aquarium with fish of like temperament and size. Dwarf varieties only reach 2" in size. Though territorial at times, many Dwarf Gouramis do best when kept in groups, provided there are more females than males.

Originating from India, Bengal, and Bangladesh, wild Dwarf Gouramis are found in heavily vegetated waters. Here, they feed on small insects and larvae on the water's surface and algae that gathers on plants. In the home aquarium, they do best in highly filtered water with neutral pH and water hardness.

Feed flake, algae pellets, and frozen or freeze-dried foods, supplemented with an occasional live worm. They like open swimming areas with spots to hide amongst plants, decorations, or rocks. It is especially beneficial to have floating plants that cover part of the water's surface.

When bred, pairs of Dwarf Gouramis create spectacular bubble nests amongst plant leaves at the water's surface and engage in a delicate, graceful spawning process that lasts up to four hours. After spawning, however, the female needs to be removed from the aquarium and the male will care for the eggs. While defending his brood, a male Dwarf Gourami will become very aggressive towards other fish.

As with all fish, Dwarf Gouramis require excellent water conditions. They do not handle fluctuations in water parameters well. However, for any aquarist, Dwarf Gouramis are an essential aquarium addition.

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Andi H May 1, 2010 at 7:03 am

I have one male and one female. My tank is a tall (at the moment) so I think there isn’t enough space for the pair to separate a bit as the male is always chasing the female around. He doesn’t beat her up and I make sure she gets enough food so no real harm until I can move them to a bigger tank.

I love the bright splash of color he adds to my tank which is otherwise black and white corys. I’ve had no issues with health, even when I was totally immobile for 3 months and thus wasn’t really doing water changes. I haven’t tried to keep with other fish as of yet (besides a betta that didn’t work out lol).

My tank is kept around 72 F and the filter puts out a good current which is a bit much for the gouramis so I put in a DYI baffle and they do fine.

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