Lima Shovel-nosed Cat


Also known as the Duckbill or Duckbeak Catfish, this South American catfish is a peaceful candidate for the home aquarium. Its slender body and long antennae make for an impressive specimen for a larger tank.

The Lima Shovel-Nosed Cat requires a larger tank with a minimum of 180 gallons. Because of its high activity, it has been known to jump out of uncovered tanks, so covered aquariums are recommended. Plants, rocks, and driftwood, all accent the natural habitat and give hiding spaces for this fish. Protection from light is necessary to maintain proper health, so live floating plants can be used for added aesthetics.

In the wild, the breeding activity of the Lima Shovel-Nosed Cats peaks once per year. It reproduces using external fertilization after the eggs are laid. Breeding in an aquarium setting is rare.

Feeding the Lima Shovel-Nosed Cat is not difficult. In the wild, this fish will eat smaller fish and crustaceans, but in the aquarium setting, assorted worms, frozen foods, and pellet foods will keep this catfish healthy.

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