Black Lancer Cat


Adult forms of the Black Lancer Catfish boast a unique, elongated dorsal fin. Primarily black, some adults will develop a distinct white, lateral stripe down the body. As these fish mature, both body shape and caudal fin change. Like many catfish, the Black Lancer can grow up to 16" long and should be kept in 100 gallon or larger aquariums.

A member of the Bagridae family, the Black Lancer Cat thrives in aquariums with pristine water quality. However, they tend to shy away from areas of stronger water current. It does best with smooth gravel or sand substrates, surrounded by areas of vegetation. It is nocturnal and should be fed nightly with a varied diet of both vegetable and animal foods, including frozen bloodworms, catfish tablets, and algae wafers.

Though generally timid, males will become territorial among their own kind during mating. Distinguishing sexes is fairly simple. Males have genital papilla just before the anal fin and females are slightly fatter.

In the wild, members of the Bagrichthys species live in the large muddy rivers of Southeast Asia. These rivers are generally acidic. These tank-raised specimens, however, are fairly adaptable to standard mid-range water conditions kept in check by vigilant aquarium maintenance.

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