Tinfoil Red Tail Barb


The Tinfoil Barb has large, distinct silvery metallic scales, red-tipped fins, and a forked tail characteristic of a fast-swimming fish. The shimmering silver scales of this active swimmer reflect light as the Tinfoil Barb maneuvers its way in the aquarium. It is not difficult to see why this eye-catching, tinfoil-like attribute gave rise to the common name of Barbus schwanefeldi.

The Tinfoil Barb is a very hardy fish and compared to other barbs, quite docile in nature. This peaceful demeanor and glittery body make the Tinfoil Barb an attractive addition to the large community aquarium. As a schooling fish, the Tinfoil Barb should be kept in a group of at least 6 or more individuals with other non-aggressive large fish.

Wild Tinfoil Barbs inhabit large, fast flowing rivers of Southeast Asia. The home aquarium should best recreate the natural environment of the Tinfoil Barb by maintaining good filtration and strong water movement. Tinfoil Barbs can reach an adult size over a foot in length so it is essential to house this fish in a larger aquarium of at least 70 gallons in size. Also, the Tinfoil Barb is a known jumper so a tight-fitting canopy or hood is required to prevent injury.

The Tinfoil Barb will accept most prepared commercial fish foods including flakes, pellets, frozen, and freeze dried foods. The natural diet of the Tinfoil Barb consists largely of plant matter including algae so be sure to offer foods containing vegetable matter such as spirulina wafers or herbivore preparations.

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AquariumsLife.com April 23, 2009 at 5:25 am

I have 5 of them in a 30 gallon tank. They are great fish and are easy to take care of. They do well in small groupes

Mel August 28, 2009 at 9:07 am

These are great fish but get very large. A minimum tank size of 55 gallons is best and I don’t know that I would put more than three or four in there. Fully grown these fish can get to 14 inches but their temperament is wonderful with other fish. (except smaller ones they can eat)

david deeds August 29, 2009 at 6:51 pm

so i whent to petco to buy live plants when a guy comes in trying to give petco his fish. the employee told him they couldnt because they were to “large” so i thought to myself how large culd they be so i approached him and saw they red fins through the bag they were a couple of tinfoil barbs about 6 or inches long big for what i have in my 55 at home but i took them anyway knowing that i had the room and that i would be helping them out.. haha so i get home plant the plants and release the barbs long story short they ripped em out and ate them and are extreme pigs when it comes to feeding eating the wafers or anything i drop in there whole… before any of the fish can touch it so its a bit hard to deal with but i love them and there really healthy and active fish!

Han October 26, 2011 at 7:49 pm

I currently have 4 tinfoil barbs and 2 kissing gouramis in a 55 gallon tank. How oftn so I do a water change and what percentage? They get fed flakes and blood worms twice a day. Any info would be great.

Han October 26, 2011 at 7:51 pm

I currently have five tinfoil barbs and two kissing gouramis in a 55 gallon tank. How often and how much of a water change should I do? I feed them flakes and blood worms twice daily. No live plants.

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