Orange Pike Cichlid


The Orange Pike Cichlid is a vibrantly colored example of South American Pike Cichlids. With its sleek, elongated body shape and tapered head, the Orange Pike Cichlid resembles pike fish more than conventional cichlids. However, the Orange Pike Cichlid is a member of the Cichlid family. Due to these unique traits, it is not difficult to see why the Orange Pike Cichlid is becoming increasingly popular among cichlid aficionados.

Similar to many cichlids, the coloration of juvenile Orange Pike Cichlids changes as they mature. Juvenile Orange Pike Cichlids demonstrate distinct horizontal stripes on a brilliant orange and amber body color. As they develop into adults, the dark stripes along with their dominant orange coloration will gradually disappear to incorporate richer, olive-bronze body color accentuated with areas of deep red.

The Orange Pike Cichlid prefers aquarium setups with rocks or driftwood and hardy plants for them to hide among and use as cover. They also require clean, well-filtered aquariums with ample room to accommodate their size. Though non-aggressive as juveniles, the Orange Pike Cichlid may demonstrate greater territorial aggression as adults. Best kept with similar size fish to reduce the possibility of predation by this cichlid.

Orange Pike Cichlids are omnivorous and will eat most prepared flake food and Cichlid pellets as well as frozen or freeze-dried foods, including bloodworms, tubifex, and ocean plankton. Offer the Orange Pike Cichlid a variety of meaty foods to provide a nutritionally balanced diet.

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