Jeweled Goby Cichlid


The Jeweled Goby Cichlid, also known as the Spotfin Goby Cichlid, comes from the northern coastal waters of Lake Tanganyika, Africa. They have blue spots on a striped cream body, a snout-like head, and eyes placed high on the head.

The Jeweled Goby Cichlid is ideally kept in a 30-gallon or larger aquarium decorated with plenty of rocks and caves in order to provide adequate hiding places for these territorial fish. They prefer hard water with an alkalinity of 10 to 20 dKH and a pH of 8.0 to 9.0. In order to maintain these conditions, it is best to provide a substrate consisting of aragonite. The aragonite substrate can be mixed with darker gravel to reduce glare from the lighting.

Jeweled Goby Cichlids are mouth brooders. What sets them apart from most other mouth brooders is their monogamous mating system. Regardless of how many females one starts out with, the end result is always a single pair of goby cichlids. Feed the fry baby brine shrimp and finely ground flake food.

The Jeweled Goby Cichlid should be given a diet containing mostly vegetable-based foods, supplemented with meaty type foods. Feed with a quality vegetable-based flake food, algae, and other foods designed for African Cichlids.

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