Duboisi Cichlid


The Tropheus Duboisi Cichlid is from the northern part of Lake Tanganyika in Africa. They start off all black as juveniles with white spots all over its body. Adults have a blue color to its head and they lose the white spots.

As with most cichlid species in the Tropheus genus, they can get very aggressive to their own kind. Because of this, they should be kept in a larger tank in groups of 6 or more. They can be very personable and should be kept in a species specific aquarium.

The Tropheus Duboisi Cichlid is best kept in a 50 gallon tank. Use alot of rocks and driftwood for hiding spaces.

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Kathyvas April 20, 2009 at 9:28 pm

My oldest son gave me a juvenal Duboisi cichlid I had fun watching this one inter act with my other cichlids. When it matured into a beautiful black body thick yellow stripe around the base of it’s head with a neon blue face. One of my cichlids spawned and this Duboisi chased off the parents and took care of the spawn swimmers as if they were its own.

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