Buttikoferi Cichlid


The Buttikoferi Cichlid is from the river systems of Western Africa. They are sometimes known as the Zebra Tilapia fish because of the black and white vertical stripes. They start out peaceful when younger but will become more territorial as they age.

With the Buttikoferi Cichlid, it's best to provide them with at least a 70 gallon tank with plenty of rocks for hiding and to create territorial spots. It's also best to keep them with similar size fish as they will sometimes bully smaller fishes.

You can feed the Buttikoferi Cichlid a variety of food from flakes to pellets. Live food choices can be chosen from brine shrimps, earthworms or mosquito larvae.

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Gary December 14, 2009 at 12:36 pm

These suckers are AGRESSIVE. they also like to grab rocks and smash them against the corners of the tank. they are big, bast and muscular. Do not putthem with fish that can be bullied or eaten. I have seen these things beat up on tiger oscars 4-5 inches longer than themselves.

MJB February 8, 2015 at 5:38 pm

When they say these are AGGRESSIVE, they really are. I too have seem them beat up on Oscars and BIG Gouramis. I have also seen it beat up on various species of aggressive African Cichlids. All in all, I think this fish has to be in a species tank or with other fish that are willing to fight (or with fish small enough to hide but aggressive enough to fight for food at feeding time) I DO NOT recommend them in any tank less than 40 gallons. I HAD TO GET RID OF THE ONE I HAD BECAUSE I WANTED MORE THAN JUST THIS FISH (AND A FEW THAT WERE HIDING FROM IT 100% OF THE TIME) IN THE TANK.

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