Waikiki Aquarium Membership Special


I went to the Waikiki Aquarium the last time I was Hawaii. It’s smaller than some of the other aquariums I’ve been to but it’s got alot of stuff still that kept me entertain for an entire day. For those who are in Hawaii or are visiting and want to contribute to the Waikiki Aquarium, the FOWA (Friends of the Waikiki Aquarium) has some new membership information.

Seniors: $30/year
Family: $85/year (two adults and children PLUS 2 guest per visit)

What you’ll get with this donation is free admission to the the aquarium for the entire year, complimentary audio wands and special discounts in their gift shop plus some other stuff.

But if you’re in Hawaii and have an aquarium, you’ll also get free water! I mean, I know you’re surrounded by the ocean but at least you’ll know this water is filtered out and clean.

I was hoping to find my pictures from the trip but I think they’re stored somewhere else. I guess that’ll be another post for another day then!

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