See-Through Goldfish


It’s a few days late as I’m sure some of you saw this already but I thought it was cool enough to share here. Japanese researchers have developed a see-through goldfish where you can see the beating heart through the translucent scales and skin. At first I wasn’t sure exactly why they had to do this but this research can help eliminate the need for dissections of animals specially in schools.

“You can see a live heart and other organs because the scales and skin have no pigments,” said Yutaka Tamaru, an associate professor in the department of life science at Mie University. “You don’t have to cut it open. You can see a tiny brain above the goldfish’s black eyes.”

They developed this goldfish by picking mutant hatchery goldfish with pale skin and bred them together. Luckily this doesn’t shorten their lifespan much as they’re expected to live up to 20years and can grow as big as 10 inches.

source: Yahoo! News

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