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I received an email from a new member today (Brenda B) about how she found MyFishTank.Net through a book she found at her LFS. A book? I didn’t know MFT was in any book. So I asked her for more information and she told me it was this book by David E. Boruchowitz called Freshwater Aquarium Problem Solver. So I looked around and found it on Amazon.

Freshwater Aquarium Problem Solver
Use this as your troubleshooting companion to address a range of both common and infrequent freshwater aquarium needs, from keeping the water balanced and clear and maintaining equipment to plant choices and how to handle lost or missing fish.

* 112 pages of all-new, current information from pet care and animal experts
* No canned text–content text is newly written for each book
* Family-friendly design with over 60 full-color photographs plus helpful tip boxes

So what’s cool is that Amazon lets you search inside the book for a specific word and I found MFT listed under Internet Resources with some other big online fish/aquarium sites.

This totally made my day. It’s an honor to be listed in this book but it’s also thanks to everyone’s help in making MFT into what it is today.

It seems to be a pretty good book. I just bought a copy to read it for myself. If you know anyone that’s just starting out, tell them about this book and ofcourse also about MFT!

Buy Freshwater Aquarium Problem Solver

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jeffry j. johnston August 28, 2009 at 4:25 pm

That’s awesome! Congratulations! 😀

dennies bondoc September 5, 2009 at 5:22 am

congratulations MFT!more power and keep up the good work!!! i learned so much things here especially in salt water tank.100 % i recomend this to my friend!!! yiiiiipppiiii!!!!!!

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