Fish ‘N Flush Toilet Fish Tanks

i’ve heard about a toilet tank that had a fish tank in it awhile back but I guess it’s starting to catch on….

In an era when even the most random household item is accessorized, it was only a matter of time before someone realized the toilet was one of the few frontiers that had been overlooked. That someone was Richard Quintana.

The Westminster entrepreneur has invented a toilet tank that doubles as an aquarium – with a breath-catching twist: When you flush, it looks like all the water is draining out of the tank and the fish are going down. It’s an optical illusion. The fish are actually safe in an outer aquarium made of high-polished plastic. What you see draining is the toilet water in a separate tank behind the aquarium. Watching the tank refill – and the fish merrily swimming, oblivious to any threat – you get the urge to break into applause.

source: OC Register – courtesy of Julie

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