Where was I Fishing?

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So a few weeks ago, I went on a fishing trip for a bachelor party. It was awesome! Half the boat got sick and we turned around but luckily it was a chartered one so we were able to go back out. So I caught a few fishes here and there….some bass, whitefish and my “favorite” mackerel and barracudas.

I never really had the chance to eat the fish (if I knew earlier, I would’ve just let them go) but maybe it was a good thing afterall. I found this chart showing the DDT, Mercury, PCB’s levels in the fishes along the coast. Lo and behold, I noticed the area I went fishing at (Palos Verdes) was marked RED ZONE!. So yea..maybe it was a good idea. Now that I think about it…the green foam in the ocean wasn’t really a good sign either.

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