Banggai Cardinal Fish Endangered List

banggai-cardinal.jpgI was browsing through and came across a list of endangered species and the banggai cardinal fish made the list. I’ve heard about them being in trouble by overfishing but I was reminded again today. Here’s what they say…

“Endangered: Highly prized in the aquarium industry, this species was placed on the 2007 Red List for the first time in the endangered category. Found only in the Banggai Archipelago near Sulawesi, Indonesia, it has been heavily exploited, with approximately 900,000 extracted every year.

Conservationists are calling for the fish to be reared in captivity for the aquarium trade so that the wild population can be left to recover”.

i know that banggai cardinals breed easier for people than other fish and captivity bred fishes are usually hardier and live longer.

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