Aquapict Jellyfish from Japan

Supposely a really popular item in Japan is the Aquapict Jellyfish Aquarium. It displays color-changing jellyfishes (see video above). The system includes a 5-color LED lighting system that has red, yellow, green, blue and purple). They move with the slow current in the tank like the jellyfish aquariums.

Cool huh!

The best or bad part is that they are NOT real but are really realistic looking jellyfish made out of silicone.


• Height: 270mm (10.6in)
• Width: 210mm (8.3in)
• Depth: 120mm (4.7in)
• Aquarium material: High quality ABS plastic
• Jellyfish material: Silicone
• Power: AC adapter


If you are interested, you can buy it here. It’ll cost you $155 plus $39 shipping worldwide direct from Japan.

Very very tempted….

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Panther28 May 10, 2007 at 1:17 pm

Wow!! Those things are nice I need to get one but its almost $200. I will wait for the price to go down.

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