Alien Squid From The Ocean


The aliens do exist! Check out this pretty creepy video of some kind of alien squid floating by. It was obtained by the National Geographic News of a rarely seen squid above the seafloor in the Gulf of Mexico.

A mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) underwater, a remote control submersible’s camera has captured an eerie surprise: an alien-like, long-armed, and—strangest of all—”elbowed” Magnapinna squid. The clip—from a Shell oil company ROV (remotely operated vehicle)—arrived after a long, circuitous trip through oil-industry in-boxes and other email accounts.

The video clip shows the screen of the ROV’s guidance monitor framed with pulsing inputs of time and positioning data.In a few seconds of jerky camerawork, the squid appears with its huge fins waving like elephant ears and its remarkable arms and tentacles trailing from elbow-like appendages.

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National Geographic News

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