Windelov Java Fern – Live Aquarium Plant Anubias Moss

1 bunch of Windelov’s fern
-each portion has 15 leaves

The plant is a modified Java Fern, presenting triple-split edges on each leaf, which gives it a beautiful and dense bushy aspect as it grows. It also seems to be a bit smaller than the original species, being usable as a decorative piece from mid to front of an aquarium. These changes did not change the species hardiness in any way, it’s just as undemanding and easy to maintain as the original Java Fern, including the advantage of not being bothered by herbivorous fish. It should also be placed on rocks and driftwood, with its roots loose in
the water.


Plant Group: Polypodiaceae
Origin: Asia
Difficulty: Easy
Light Intensity: Low to Medium 
Water Parameters: 68-86 °F (20- 30°C); pH 6.0-8; kH 0-8 
Height: Approx 6″ (15 cm)
Propagation: Rhizome division