Tiki Desktop Aquarium Aloha!

For those looking for a really unique nano aquarium tank…i present to you..the Tiki Desktop Aquarium!


It comes with:

With swaying palms and the echo of distant drums, let the Aloha Tiki model transport you into the romance of Polynesia. This cylindrical aquarium is incorporated within a delicately carved tiki statue, detailed with native images. With its hand-carved appearance and authentic finishes, this aquarium is sure to be a conversation piece.

Dimensions: 13.5″ length, 13.5″ width, 24.5″ height

5 gallon salt or freshwater designer aquarium

Complete Set-up Kit included with every purchase!
This package includes a pre-packed 5 gallon box of Instant Ocean synthetic sea-salt, a pre-measured 3 pound bag of Fiji pink moist “live” sand and a Stealth 25 watt submersible aquarium heater.

tiki-fishtank3.jpgEach aquarium in the Ocean Treasures Collection® features a hand-painted, detailed coral reef sculpture. Recognizing the necessity for preservation of our natural resources, we have created a beautiful and functional alternative to the living reef. In addition to its attractive and colorful focus, the reef provides fish with a natural looking and comfortable habitat to explore. The reef is crafted using only the finest non-toxic materials available. As with any replicated aquarium décor, we recommend that the reef sculpture be rinsed in freshwater prior to set-up to ensure that any packing material residue or dust is removed from the tank before introducing fish.

Each Ocean Treasures Collection® aquarium utilizes the latest technology in water filtration design and is equipped to function in a fresh water or salt water environment. The advanced 90 gph silent submersible filtration system effectively replicates the natural processes of waste removal with built in mechanical, chemical and biological capabilities, ensuring optimal water quality in your aquarium. Complete with a venturi valve to adjust the oxygen output and a rotating return for regulating surface agitation, the filter also allows you to control the direction and rate of the water flow. Convenient filtration media cartridges are ready to use and can be changed in seconds. All components are fully removable for easy access and cleaning procedures. The filter pads and carbon cartridges are standardized items and can be purchased at most aquarium retailers.

Like any artistic masterpiece, lighting is an imperative component to enhancing true beauty. From enhancing the colors of the detailed coral reef sculpture to accentuating the innate vibrant hues of each living species, lighting plays an integral role in creating a mood. The lighting used in all of our Ocean Treasures Collection® aquariums is a custom UL rated lighting fixture with a brilliant 10 watt self ballasted, 6500K fluorescent bulb. Positioned and mounted above the reef to avoid obstruction and shading, the compact system evenly deflects light throughout the tank.

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ms danielle June 11, 2007 at 6:43 pm

hey that’s really cool. i love mini tanks. i just remembered when i saw this picture that we created a mini biosphere kind of thing in 8th grade. we had to have one fish, a source of oxygen and food (plant), and that was it. no filters or bubbles or anything. my teacher said i had the best one. i think my fish lived for a few months on my desk top. 🙂

Panther28 June 12, 2007 at 10:06 am

The things corporate companies do to make money! Unbelievable!

Sean August 27, 2008 at 5:02 pm

This is very cool, know where I can buy one?

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