Tetra Whisper EX70 Filter

The Tetra EX series is intuitive. You’ve made it clear that you don’t want to think about the filtration system. You just want it to be easy to assemble and use. So now they’re plug-and-go and the Timestrip® change indicator was relocated for easier changing and viewing. The traditional filter system will soon be antiquated because this filter cartridge has been re-thought and re-designed to look better, be more effective by altering water flow, and easier and faster to clean and change.

New patent-pending technology available in the EX series.

* Continuous system tank flush
* Quick-drain carbon filter design (rounded bottom)
* Carbon filter carrier quick-drain
* Carbon filter carrier anti-drip
* Carbon filter point-and-drop
* Carbon filter change indicator (Timestrip®)
* Stay in place/no-drip carbon filter access door
* Multi-stage/frameless carbon