SEIO M1500 1500 GPH Submersible Water Pump Unopened NEW

This is an excellent pump.  I am selling it because when I bought it I was under the mistaken impression that the water flow outlet would automatically sweep from side to side like the Power Sweep powerheads from looking at the pictures.  It doesn’t do this.  It only allows you to adjust the flow any way you want manually and then stays in that position.

The pump is a great unit but it doesn’t fit the need I originally bought it for.  I was able to buy it new at a great discount from an online aquatics store that is going out of business so that is why I am passing the original price I paid for it on to you just so that it can be used by someone who appreciates it. 

This unit’s average list price is $70 so you are getting an excellent deal.  I am not trying to profit off this,.  I am just trying to recoup the money I spent on it.