NIB Hydor Koralia Nano Pump Powerhead 240gph

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This pump`s water flow is at the same time powerful and delicate making it ideal for marine and reef tanks.Features:

Unique patented* magnet + suction cup support included!Incredible stability in any position in aquariums with glass up to 15mm thick.Magnet is specially covered to prevent corrosion.

Adjustable flow direction!The special sphere shaped connection makes flow directin quick, simple and fully adjustable.
High performance, low energy consumption!Unique patented* impellers designed by Hydor guarantee exceptional hydraulic performance with low energy consumption.* Int. patent pending

15V ~ 60Hz

Model: Koralia Nano
Flow Rate: 240gph
Power Absorbed: 3.5W
Koralia Power Heads and Wave creation

Creates a wide path of water movement
Simulates ocean waves for coral and fish environment 
Water flow never passes or crosses in the same repeating pattern
Produces alternating currents with multiple units
Produces a varying direction of water stream 24 hours a day.
Produces better wave generation in your tank than one larger flow powerhead.
Placement of multiple koralia powerheads in combination with sump returns, other filter components, skimmer returns, etc., will produce more varying wave patterns.
 Creates a healthier environment for both corals and fish.
Voltage Rating: 115v (Will work with 240v power with a standard receptacle adapter/converter purchased separately in your country).  Please do NOT plug this unit into the wall until you determine your country’s
power source and if a power converter unit is required to run this 115v pump!
Plugging this 115v pump into a 220v power source will burn the unit out within
30 seconds. If you plug in this 115v pump and it burns out (without the aide of
converter to 220v power source) this will be considered user error, voiding the
replacement warranty.